Review: Graze – Vermont Artisanal Food Company

Jen Roh (Westonite) wanted to share her experience with Graze with us – the Vermont Artisinal Foods company that delivers to your door.

I love to cook, but I find it hard to get to the store for everything I need, and then I have to visit several different stores (Trader Joe’s for meat, Fresh Market for veggies, Stop N Shop for staples, etc) which is no fun with a toddler getting in and out of the car. Then I have to admit I don’t like to cook every single night, but the salt and calories and junk in takeout food can be a bummer! Graze lets you shop from the comfort of your chair for many of the staples you need, and some fun things too, and almost everything is organic and local from VT. Today was our first delivery. The Graze experience was phenomenal! To my shock and amazement, the delivery person showed up today during the blizzard!  He said that our weather was nothing, that it was 5 degrees in VT 🙂 We tried to tip him, but he politely refused the tip.

The bounty comes in reusable crates and insulated bags. We chose something from almost every one of the categories they offer: prepared foods called “Dinner for Mom & Dad,” “Dinner for the Kids,” Organic Vegetables, Organic Grain Salad, Chef’s Potato, Weekly Bisque, Hearty Soup of the Week, Market Soup etc. We have loved everything so far! We had the Thai Soup for dinner and added some of the organic free range chicken breast we got. We had sides of quinoa grain and barley risotto, as well as the organic veggies – broccoli this week. Tomorrow we’ll have the weekly chili! The prices are good too – for a gallon of organic whole milk it is $5.90 – cheaper than you can get organic milk at Stop N Shop! Other fun things we tried are the “Saturday Morning in a Snap” pack, which is a bundle of organic pancake mix, VT butter, quark, and raspberry jam! We also ordered the Vermont Maple Syrup which came in a beautiful bottle.

My rating on Graze is a 10/10 on food quality, ease of website use, delivery reliability, and food choices.  If there is enough demand to justify delivery to Weston, we can start to get this every week! All you have to do is visit their website and request Weston delivery. Their current delivery goes to Westport and to Fairfield so it could be easy to get a few families to make it happen!


7 responses to “Review: Graze – Vermont Artisanal Food Company

  1. Elizabeth Hourihan

    That sounds so great – love to try. E

  2. This is exciting-thanks for sharing. I checked and they
    deliver to 06883!

  3. They do deliver to Weston now! We are so excited!

  4. Hi: I just wanted to thank Jennifer and all the incredible Weston moms for their interest in Graze. We are happy to now be delivering in Weston! We’re on a mission to bring healthy, sustainably produced foods to busy families throughout Fairfield County — and beyond.

    In addition to delivering farm-fresh fare to your doorstep, Graze is supporting small family farmers in Vermont and we’re taking a stand against big agriculture. It’s a good feeling to know where your foods are coming from, and we know all our farming families personally. They work hard to bring you the best artisanal cheeses, the freshest dairy and organic eggs, the tastiest cage-free chicken and grass-fed Angus and the best gourmet prepared meals anywhere (at prices similar to Whole Foods).

    If someone told you that you could get fresh, farmers’ market foods delivered to your door every week without having to plan, shop or cook, you might be skeptical. Isn’t it expensive? No! By working with farms who produce all their foods onsite, we eliminate the middleman and cut down on expenses as well as on the carbon footprint of shipping foods across the country.

    Our free shipping makes trying Graze a no brainer! Visit us at and try us out. Also, check out what has to say about Graze:

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  6. I just received my first order, and it was so disappointing. I ordered mini organic produce box, expecting organic veggies from local farms, and what I get? Sweet onions from Mexico – not organic (it had a label), parsnip from Canada (organic), broccoli not organic, and lettuce (no label). Did I mention that the veggies were different from a website? I was expecting beets, carrots, oranges etc.
    The packaging was very bad, ice pockets were leaking with some sticky solution…
    Also, I ordered a few pounds of ground turkey (thought I will save a few dollars, compared to a local butcher store that I usually shop), and I just wasted my money and time…

  7. I’m going on my third week; and I love it! I feel like I have my own personal chef/food shopper. Good is great and easy. Perfect for a working mom.

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