FYI: Returning Library Books

Having a library card is golden – take it to any library in Connecticut and register it to borrow books from them. They’ll just take the barcode on the card and use that as the identification number. So, one card, access to multiple libraries. The catch: although books can be returned to any library (return a Westport book to Weston’s library), the books are first delivered to Hartford where they are sorted and THEN delivered to the appropriate library. It takes about a week. Late fines get waived if they are late because of this process. If you’re paranoid by nature about books getting lost – just go back to the place of origin and make the returns directly. Nevertheless, this privilege is surely a convenience to take advantage of when the weather is bad.


One response to “FYI: Returning Library Books

  1. Hi there – I’m not from Weston, I’m from E Hartford, but I was trying to find other CT mom bloggers and stumbled on your site. I LOVE the “return anywhere” feature of CT libraries – it has certainly saved me so much time/energy in returning books! Glad to hear you’re informing people of this feature!

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