Donate Excess Halloween Candy to Troops – Westonites Give Back

Dear Friends,

You may recall that I’ve asked for candy donations for the past two years to send to the troops.  This year is no exception!  I’m working with Jane Young-Anglim on an exciting extension of the project that I’ve been doing here and in my last community for the past 5 years.

Jane has let me know about a brigade that is now serving in Afghanistan that is led by Lt. Col. Clay Padgett, who was part of the Dagger Brigade, which Weston adopted in ’06-’07.  The 1-22 Infantry Regulators is out of Ft. Carson, CO and is approximately 5000 strong.

Here’s a quote from Lt. Col. Padgett, “As much as they did not like being in Iraq, the conditions in Afghanistan are much worse, so care packages make an enormous difference to them and his soldiers really appreciate the support.”

At the last Kiwanis meeting, Gil Sanborn reported that he had received an email from a soldier asking for flea and tick powder.  He said that when they bunk on the ground they wake with flea and tick bites.  In light of this information, we’re also asking for donations of flea and tick powder.

We understand that one of the ways that the soldiers make friends with the local people is by giving candy and toys to the children.  If you’re cleaning out toy boxes, we’d be happy to accept any small toys or beanies to send as well.

Please help us to send the message to these troops that we still care and are thinking of them.  To donate, please give me a call or drop off items on my front porch.

Thanks so much!

Lyn Milliman


2 Lyons Plain RD

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