Children’s Book Review & Giveaway: The Red Cat by Nancy Fabian

The Red Cat, written by Nancy Fabian (Fairfield, CT) and illustrated by Swapan Debnath, is an engaging story about a cat who is different from the rest of her class because of her fur color. Mindy was a loving red cat who liked to do everything most cats enjoy. However, the cats in her class were black, white, or gray; she was the only red cat. Mindy faced endless teasing by her classmates because of her different color. Although she was sad, she did not rebel, nor did she succumb to being the only different cat in the class. Instead, she devised a plan during a class assignment and suggested it to her teacher, who was very receptive to the idea and gave it a whirl. The plan was a success and the cats all learned a valuable lesson about how differences in their appearances did not change who they are. More importantly, Mindy discovered something even more notable about herself. Thereafter, she and the other cats happily accepted Mindy as a unique cat, not a different cat.

This is a wonderful story to read to children as young as those in preschool. The pictures illustrate the story well and clearly depict the points that the author intends to get across to readers. One of the most important lessons is that one has to accept herself first before others can see past the differences. Another lesson is that these very differences make someone unique. Using the classroom activity and having Mindy make these realizations was very clever. Children can appreciate the differences and the similarities that Mindy sees through the illustrations. Overall, I would recommend this book to young readers and listeners for a good read and valuable lessons that can be applied to the children’s personal unique attributes. My 4-1/2 year-old had many meaningful discussions after I read it to her. You will, too.

We have one new copy of The Red Cat to give away to a lucky Moms in Weston, CT reader. Just write “The Red Cat” in the comments section. One entry per reader. Current subscribers will have a second entry automatically submitted. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on October 5th. Good luck!

You can also read more about the book and author on her web site.

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  1. “The Red Cat “

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    The Red Cat
    Sounds like a terrific conversation starter.


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  4. Red Cat – sounds cute.

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