Sign up for Miss Joy’s Story Hour

Starting Monday, September 20, sign your child up for Miss Joy’s story hour for your 2, 3, and 4 year-olds (ask if there is space for your 5 year-old if interested). Miss Joy is a magnificent storyteller and has props to engage the kids for many of the songs (Amy Rogell, Tom Chapin, etc.). There will be sign up sheets at the table by Miss Joy’s desk clearly labeled for each age group. The sheets will be left out until the end of the week, so drop in and sign up.

Two-year-olds have a choice of Tuesday or Wednesday mornings at 10, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 28, and Wednesday, Sept. 29. Children must be two within three weeks of the opening session.

Three-year-olds meet on Wednesday afternoons at 2, beginning Sept. 29.

Four-year-olds meet Tuesday afternoons at 2, beginning Sept. 28.

Momma says: All children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. If there is a younger sibling, feel free to bring him/her, and don’t hesitate to step out with the little one if you have to do so.


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