Embroidery Class at Make & Mingle – Sept 10

Have you been down to Make & Mingle, the coolest fabric and craft store in Fairfield (and perhaps Fairfield County)? They opened in January of this year, and I finally made it there for a sewing class last night. I was all nerves, but the instructor, Cindy Nigro, made it all ok as I walked out with the determination to finish my project by the last class (just 2 more to go). I chose a tote bag to cheer me up when the cold, dreary days of winter start to settle in. By then, hopefully I’ll be able to make new curtains for my daughter’s room and redo the window seats.

Embroidery looks like a fun pastime. If you’re interested, there is a class tomorrow from 4 – 6 pm.

In the coming weeks, they are offering many other awesome classes (screen printing, quilting, and more) for adults and some for children – check out their website and blog for more details and fun ideas. Need a new venue for your child’s next birthday party? Yes, they can also be held here.

If you just want to drop in the store to shop, there’s definitely a lot to explore: beautiful fabrics, fun beads, and other fabulous accessories. You’ll enjoy browsing. And if you take a class, you’ll have fun, too. I promise. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have our next Mom’s Night Out there! Did I mention there is always refreshing music playing in the background?

Make & Mingle is at 63 Unquowa Road (on Donnelly Walk) in Fairfield. Their hours are Tuesday – Friday (10 am – 6 pm) and Saturday/Sunday 12 – 5 pm. Phone: 203.292.8668 Website: www.makeandmingle.com.


One response to “Embroidery Class at Make & Mingle – Sept 10

  1. Cathy -your tote came out ADORABLE! and you were the perfect student! Now you MUST post a photo of you and your cute bag in action.

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