Boo! at Bisceglie 2010

Last year we had a lot of fun. The kids and parents came in costume, played, snacked on healthy (and peanut-free) treats, and went “trick-or-treating” after parading around the tots playground at Bisceglie-Scribner Park. It was a safe and dynamic Halloween playdate with a few raffle prizes for adults (hint: mompreneurs and other local businesses, let me know if you’d like to donate a raffle item or two). We’d like to do it again this year. Halloween is on a Sunday, so parents who work  during the week – we can’t wait to meet you!

The details:

Date: Sunday, October 31

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm

Place: Bisceglie-Scribner Park

What to bring: Healthy, peanut-free snacks to share with everyone during play date AND treats (stickers, pencils, peanut-free candy/pretzels/etc.) to give out to the kids when they go “trick-or-treating” in the park. It would be great if we can start a list in the “comments” section so that we don’t duplicate our efforts.

So, invite all your friends and let’s have a grand time!


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