You asked: Trash Pick-Up Recommendations

Pre-Westonites: My husband and I are considering a move to Weston CT and I saw your entry about waste disposal/garbage collection. Do you have any recommendation for a reputable, local private pick up service? Would you know the approximate expense associated with this service?
MIW: Many services seem very selective in what they will pick up. We have just always packed our bags and brought them to the dump once a week. Bags are $1.50 (buy stickers at the Town Hall or the Weston Hardware Store and affix to bag). Recyclables are free.
We’d love your recommendations and responses!

4 responses to “You asked: Trash Pick-Up Recommendations

  1. I used to use Advantage Waste and was perfectly happy with them. I started taking my own trash to the transfer station because it’s so cheap and relatively easy to do so. Think long and hard before choosing this option because it’s not fun to have garbage piling up in the garage-and then having to load stinky garbage in your car! Eww! (Happens to me all the time!)

  2. We use Finocchio Bros. of Weston and have been happy with them. They pick up regular trash twice a week, recyclables once a week and cardboard once a month.

  3. We use Swaims. Their pick-up is pretty much the same as Finocchio above and I think we pay somewhere around $75/month. We use them because that’s who the previous homeowners recommended and have been happy with them. But curious if there are cheaper reputable options out there.

  4. We liked AAdvantage. Prompt, took everything, neat and reasonable. Enjoy Weston!

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