Favorite Playgrounds in Weston and Around Fairfield County

Original Post June 2009


  • Bisceglie-Scribner Park (entrance off of Rte 53)  has 53 acres of possibilities. For the tots and older children, there are playgrounds with colorful, age-appropriate ways to burn energy (or just have fun). For adventurers, there are fitness trails and walking paths. Ballplayers will enjoy baseball/softball fields. Swimmers can dive into the pool that goes as deep as 8 feet. No worries, kids can play in the wading section.

Playground for TotsPlayground for older children

The "pool"

We also enjoy our public school playgrounds. One in particular that we always go to is next to the Weston Public Library. In the winter, the slope behind the library is GREAT for sledding! Note: it is only open to the public during non-school hours.

Walk across the moving platformsWheeeee!

We also like the playground in the Intermediate School area (by the track and football fields). Basketball or bike riding are also welcome. There are also tennis courts.

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The Compo Beach playground has hours of fun. Just be mindful that your kids can (and will) run out to the parking lot or to the beach out of all the excitement, or just following the new friends that they’ve made. I caught Mads trying to run towards the water with her new older gal pal. The playground could use gated doors at the entrances… Anyway, there is a designated toddler section. During the summer season (May 1 through Labor Day), one does need a parking sticker (or pay $20 per day during the week/$40 per weekend day). Otherwise, it’s free parking off-season.

The toddler playground


Ballard Park has a great playground (next to CVS on Main Street) that is similar to one at Compo Beach, except that it’s not built on sand, but on wood chips. The toddler section, however, is built on sand and has a shaded area. There are picnic tables and benches. Within the park is also a garden, which Mads enjoys walking through, but it can be scorching hot because it’s not shaded. There is also a gazebo with a lot of lawn surrounding it for concerts on Tuesday nights. You can park in the CVS lot for 2 hours, or next to the playground entrance for 1 hour. FYI, they do monitor how long you’ve parked.

"CVS" playground

Call for Comments: So where do your kids like to burn energy? Tell us about parks you’ve discovered in neighboring towns.


Devon’s Place at Stepping Stones

Cranbury Park (CR’s review)


Twin Meadows at Stillmeadow School

Chestnut Hill Park

Stamford Museum and Nature Center


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