Preschools in Weston, CT

Some schools have open enrollment, depending on space availability, others have strict deadlines and processes for applications. If your family is planning on moving to Weston or you’re looking for a preschool for next fall, it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and arrange for visits and/or application materials.

Some of our children also attend:

Momma says: Before making the decision on which school to enroll your child in, be sure to consider the distance of the preschool from your home, especially if you have younger children who will not be enrolled in drop-off programs. If the preschool only runs for 2 hours and the travel time is approximately 25 minutes each way, you may find that it is not worth going home after you drop off your child at the preschool. That’s how I got to know the town of Ridgefield better than my friend who actually lives there!

Updated: Feb 2, 2012


8 responses to “Preschools in Weston, CT

  1. Don’t forget Community Nursery School on Weston RD in Westport!

  2. Community Nursery School in Westport is great!

  3. Emmanuel Nursery School in Weston is great and will be offering extended daycare hours and programs for 3 and 4’s, and after school programs.

  4. We were new to town and found Emmanuel Nursery School. My 4 year old was right at home there and went to kindergarten with friends in his class from ENS which made the transition so much easier. Now my 3 year old is there this year, we couldn’t be happier. Also, it’s great that they offer drop off at the door. With full day kindergarten in town we may be taking advantage of their new extended hours next year so she’s ready for it when she gets to kindergarten. The teachers are wonderful, it’s a great place to send your kids!

  5. Both of my children attend Landmark Preschool in Redding and we love it! Be sure to visit and check out their wonderful programs and great teachers.

  6. Both of my children went to Community Nursery School. It is just over the Westport/Weston line – north of Merritt Parkway Exit 42, so it is close to Weston. I now work at the school and recommend it without hesitation. We are accredited by the NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children) and offer drop off programs for children starting at 15 months.

  7. Just off Exit 42 in Westport is St.Paul Christian School. A great blend of play and academics! Preschool 15 months to Kindergarten. Best to see for yourself.

  8. Does any one have any experience with or opinion of the Weston Hand-in-hand preschool at Hurlbutt Elementary School? Trying to decided whether to send my 3 year old.

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