Birthdays in Fairfield County

In the summer, pool and beach birthday parties were popular. Now with the weather being so unpredictable, indoor parties might be a safer route. Although, you can still have a pool party – bet you didn’t know you could schedule one at the pool in the Weston Middle School! Just call our Parks and Recreation Department (222-2655) for details. Some other fun (nonwater) ideas include:

Search for other venues and services using and Fairfield County online. That’s how I found Robert the Guitar Guy for my son’s first birthday.

Call for Comments: Which venues have you hosted or attended birthday parties?  What did you like most/least about that venue?


One response to “Birthdays in Fairfield County

  1. The CT Audobon Society does a great birthday party! They only do parties in the summer, though. Their facility is in Fairfield and they have a big room. There is a natuaralist that brings out animals for the kids and you get to have whatever food you want to bring afterwards. They have birds to look at in the back and hiking trails.

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